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Greg Buchanan is a writer of video games and comics, currently studying the University of East Anglia's Creative Writing Prose Fiction MA to create his first novel.

Among other projects, Greg wrote No Man's Sky: Atlas Rises, the 30 hour-long story campaign for the game released in mid-2017, and is the Lead Writer for THQ Nordic's upcoming Aquanox: Deep Descent. Greg has also worked on AAA and VR titles at Supermassive Games, AA and indie (Du Lac and Fey: Dance of Death (an upcoming Telltale-style adventure game by Rocksteady/Lionhead alumni); mobile and web-based projects (X-Factor; Tau Station), and several unannounced AAA projects elsewhere.

Greg is also known for his 2016 political indie titles, Paper Brexit and Paper Drumpf (covered by Polygon, RPS, The Boston Globe, and others). Greg holds a PhD in identification and characterisation across video games and novels.


Greg has experience of both premium game development on PS4, PC, and Xbox One in traditional and VR formats, in addition to both premium and F2P experience on mobile and web-based games. He has written and directed voiceover script, designed branching narratives, created in-game lore for a variety of genres, written item descriptions, UI text, Steam store descriptions, achievements, trading cards, and more. He has worked with everyone from small indie teams to large 100+ person studios.

Greg is a full member of the Writer's Guild of Great Britain. For game writing, he is represented by the Linx Agency.

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