Applications open for Winter 2019 - Spring 2020



  • Funding for an unregistered domain name, registered for a period of one year.

  • Funding for six months of SquareSpace hosting using their ‘Personal’ plan.

  • Alternative resources equivalent to the value of the above if you already have your own domain name / hosting, to be agreed between us as to what will best help you and be a suitable use of the above funding.

  • An initial one-to-one Skype consultation to discuss where you are at currently and where you would like to one day be.

  • A CV/Resume and Portfolio review, alongside a specific plan for future work.

  • Mentoring support in creating one additional creator-owned portfolio piece, including deadlines, advice on your plans, a feedback review session, and advice on how to release it to the world.

  • Advice on planning your new website and feedback once you have created it.

  • A closing one-to-one Skype consultation to discuss your goals after a period of 3-6 months and how you can move forward in the future.

  • Access to continuing peer-support in a group with past mentees on the scheme.

  • A testimonial for the work created on this scholarship, usable in applications.

How this will work:

One mentee will be selected at a time and scholarships will not run concurrently. If you are not selected for one scholarship round, you will need to re-apply when scholarships are next announced.

After the initial paid-for web hosting / domain registration period has ended, the mentee will be responsible for their own fees from that point onwards, or may choose to cancel / move to a different service.

Skype sessions and mentor email contact will be subject and limited to mentor availability.

How to apply:

  • Read my guide to breaking into game writing.

  • Follow on Twitter for ongoing advice tweets.

  • Fill in the form below (word limits are rough guides: do not go a huge amount beyond them, though).

  • Applications close on Thursday 31st October, midnight, UK time.

Criteria on which applications will be assessed:

  • Commitment to game writing and improving craft.

  • The best fit for the kind of advice / strategies I advise

  • Quality and tone of writing sample (it should be something that demonstrates strong writing ability as well as some level of emotion or surprise, without being overdone. It needs to grab the reader within the space of the words available).

  • The benefit you believe the scholarship and/or mentoring will provide.

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