Talks: AdventureX

I presented my upcoming game Acts of Supremacy (containing remastered versions of Paper BrexitPaper Drumpf, and new content) at AdventureX 2016 in London, joined by the game's composer Seb J.J. Peters.

AdventureGamers wrote about our new Henry VIII demo: "Back in the 16th century, King Henry VIII ruled over England. In the modern age, presidential candidate Drumpf is in need of good advisers. Both men have something in common: a desire for power, a need to have supremacy over others. Making the right decisions and taking good advice could lead them to that power. Making the wrong decisions or acting on bad counsel could lead to their downfall. As the branches multiply with each choice made, only time will tell if they have been wise or foolish."

I participated in the 'Writing for Games' panel with Rhianna Pratchett, Charles Cecil, and Jay Tholen: wrote about this 'Writing for Games' panel here.

I also gave a presentation entitled 'Moral Choices: Consequence and Responsibility':

We had a great time at AdventureX and received great feedback on the demo! See you next year!